1. Oktoberfest actually takes place in September
  2. More than 6 million liters of beer are consumed the 15 days of the festival
  3. The entrance is free
  4. It is 204 years old
  5. Oktoberfest started as the wedding party of Ludwig von Bayern, the King of Bavaria, and princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen
  6. Beers are brewed exclusively for Oktoberfest and they are extra strong
  7. Locals actually hate Oktoberfest because is very “Tourist oriented”
  8. It’s been cancelled only 24 times the last 204 years
  9. There is on side Hospital and Police tent
  10. Bavarians are allowed to go to work with their traditional costume during Oktoberfest
  11. Men’s traditional costume is called lederhosen and the women dress is called dirndl
  12. People who faint are called Bierleiche (Beer Corpses)
  13. Oktoberfest can seat approximately 118000 people at the same time
  14. There is 1 wine tent in the premises
  15. Wiesn is the German name for Oktoberfest
  16. There is Oktoberfest cocaine (Wiesnkoks) and its legal, its made of sugar and menthol
  17. 1 liter Beer glass is called “Mass”
  18. Paris Hilton is permanently banned from Oktoberfest
  19. Whoever wants to open a food stall or tent has to wait up to 20 years.
  20. In 2010 130,000 beer mugs were confiscated and taken back to their tent owners.


By Agamemnon Trifonos

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