In 2012 the oldest microbrewery in the Mediterranean was discovered in Kissonerga Pafos. Archaeologists discovered a variety of containers, utensils and tools which obviously suggest that our ancestors where drinking in style! Some of the findings were left with unanswered questions as although the archaeologists worked experimentally in malt production plans they had no brewing background to connect all the pieces of the puzzle. Brewers of Prime Microbrewery came to fill the gaps. After months of discussion and experimentation brewers solve the unanswered questions of the archaeologists findings because even though the equipment had changed over the centuries, the brewing principles are the same! As a reward the archaeologists gave information to Prime Microbrewery brewers on their findings in terms of residues and ingredients found on the point and chemical analysis which suggested the use of certain ingredients. Prime then had used their new “Cyprus Pils” beer as a testing platform who was then at the experimental stage and enriched it with the ingredients and practices of the ancient brewers. The result of this brewers-archaeologists cooperation was the “2700 BC” beer which was brewed in a collaboration with the archaeology department of Manchester University and it is the exact replica of the beer produced 4700 years ago in Cyprus. Prime Microbrewery’s beer recently won an international award which means that our ancient ancestors had a good taste and really enjoyed quality handcrafted beer

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