By Agamemnon Trifonos

This year after 6 years in a row, team will not attend Munich Oktoberfest 2015, so in order make our selves feel a bit better we have tried really hard, but we couldn’t find 5 things we don’t like about Oktoberfest so we have just wrote 4.

1. Prices

Munich is generally an expensive city, but during the 2 weeks of Oktoberfest prices are really sky high. Accommodation, food, beer, souvenirs etc. are double and some times treble their normal price.

2. Too crowded

An average of more than 6000000 people visit Munich Oktoberfest in 2 weeks .If you’re the casual Oktoberfest visitor who thinks you can just walk right in and grab a seat, think again, especially on weekends and October the 3rd you have to be there from 10 o’clock with the opening of the gates or else tough luck.

Beer Tent

  3. W.C.

Because of reason no 2, W.C. is a real struggle, i don’t know about women’s toilets but inside men’s “Pissoirs” is a war zone, imagine 60-70 drunk men trying to pee in a 25 sq meters “Pissoir” its just crazy!!

Mens Pissoir

4. Beer Corps

Tourists that think Bavarian and especially Oktoberfest edition beers are similar the yellow water they drink in their own countries (yes Americans i am talking about you) and they end face down on the side walks, in the streets and generally anywhere and most of the times inside a small pool of their own vomit.

Beer Corp

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