Witch is the strongest currency in the world? Dollar? Euro? Bitcoin?Pound? NOP the correct answer is…BEER!It is a currency we all know appreciate and trust.
BEER economies have sprung up across Australia, using social media to barter goods and services in exchange for beer.
Darwin Beer Economy, The Original perth beer economy  “join link&forum only”(NOT BUY/SELL) are the most popular among a lot similar Facebook Beer Exchange groups

The beer economy reaches into employment figures, with tradesman listing their services and preferred payment beverage alongside homeowners posting ads for plumbers and electricians willing to take on odd jobs for beer.When one out-of-work tradie offered a carton of beer to anyone who could help him get full time work, offers of support were overwhelming.

The trend is a case of life imitating art, after a Tooheys New advertising campaign from 2010 floating the idea of a beer economy, where friends trade cartons of beer for helping mates.

Despite the success of the campaign, its unlikely Tooheys or the advertising company ever seriously envisaged a trading system based on beer… but thanks to Facebook, it has become reality.
Everything has a price in Beer

House Hold devices




Spare Parts


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