We all believe (Especially here in Cyprus) that a hot beverage is the best of what we drink when we have a cold. However, a new Japanese study overturns many previously believes , indicating that beer has the same or better results.

Researchers at Sapporo Medical University found that a compound of hops (choumoulon) is very effective against respiratory syncytial virus (RS), and has anti-inflammatory effect.

According to the head of this study , Jun Fuchimoto, the RS virus can cause severe pneumonia and respiratory problems in infants and young children , but there is no vaccine available and symptoms similar to those of the common cold to adults.

However, the researchers’ state in their report that as in beer there are small quantities choumouloni to benefit someone in antiviral activity, you should drink about 30 cans of 330 ml.

At the same time , however , another leading expert , Professor Ramon Etruch University Hospital in Barcelona, ​​claims that a single can of beer is sufficient to qualify one of the beneficial effects.

In each case the beer must be consumed in moderation, otherwise can lead to weight gain, dehydration and other problems plurality.

We don’t know how accurate the above studies are but…WE DON’T CARE !!!

Drink beer…it heals the common cold

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