ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE…it started by some US Baseball athletes as a way to support their co-athlete Pete Frates who was diagnosed with ALS. I will not go deeper on this subject because i think you all know about it.

Few days after the original ICE BUCKET went viral, every attention freak on this planet  is uploading a video on YouTube pouring a bucket of water on their heads and challenging their buddies just for fun…NO DONATIONS NO AWARENESS!!! The whole movement has just lost the real meaning of the pioneers of ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE had in mind.

As Cyprus Beer Maniacs we are initiating THE BEER BUCKET CHALLENGE!!! What is this? It is a movement to help Cyprus Anticancer Society.

It is very simple, for every Beer Bucket you order just  SMS 7000 with the message CAS 1 , with this you donate 1 Euro to Cyprus Anticancer Society.

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