Brazilians are great beer drinkers and love a cold “chopp” (draft beer). Like football, beer is a national passion and is usually referred to as “chilled blond”. Most beer produced and consumed in Brazil is a light colored, pilsner type lager. Inbev is the market leader and by far the largest brewer in Brazil. The company produces the popular Brahma, Antárctica, Skol and Bohemia brands as well as other less famous beer brands and soft drinks. Inbev was formed in 1999 by the merger of Brazilian beer giants Brahma and Antárctica and, in 2004, the company merged with Belgium based Interbrew to form the world’s single largest brewer by volume production. In 2008,Inbev merged with American brewer Anheuser-Busch, maker of Budweiser, in a $52 billion deal that created the world’s largest beer maker.

Below we attempt to review 5 of the most popular Brazilian beers.

1. Skol Beer

skol beer

Produced by Inbev, it is the top seller beer in Brazil. This standard american-style lager beer has moderate alcohol content (4.7% abv). The body contains average carbonation, is transparent and straw yellow in color. Its aroma contains notes of mild malt. Its mouth feel is initially smooth flat with a lingering palate and a clean and pleasant aftertaste.

2. Antarctica

antarctica beer

Also by Inbev, this is a classic pilsen beer – light color, bottom fermentation, mild aroma, flavor and bitterness. Some may argue Antarctica has thin-body and metallic aroma. It forms a small layer of head, most of which dissipates, but there is definitely a lingering effect throughout. (4.9% alcohol content).

3.Brahma Chopp

bahma beer

Pilsner style beer. Clear, bright, and crystalline beer. It is lighter, with classic taste of bottom-fermented and strong body flavor, neutral aroma, a less accentuated bitterness level, and medium alcoholic content (4.8% abv). Overall this is a good beer, also produced by Inbev.

4. Bohemia

bohemia beer

Standard-type American lager beer, 5% abv. Inbev’s most well-balanced beer, full bodied, chewy and smooth. It starts out with a strong hoppy flavor, bitter mouth feel and dry finish. It has a malty aroma with floral scents.

5. Nova Schin

nova schin beer

Produced by Schincariol, this standard-type American lager beer has 4.7% alcohol content. Clear amber color with medium white head, metallic mouth-feel and dry finish. As for aroma, there isn’t anything distinctive to it. However, Nova Schin contains a sweet malty and refreshing taste and is a fairly priced beer.

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