A call to all Hop-Heads:
In order to honor this great flower (Hops) that gives us this amazing beer style, BrewFellas, is hosting the 1st IPA festival in Cyprus.

Now that the hop harvesting season is over, and we can feel a bit the weather changing, we refuse to give up on summer and we celebrate it with the ultimate summer beer style.

Join us, next Friday (23 September, 2016) after 18:30, to enjoy a truly Hoppy experience.
A list of 20+ IPAs will be available to taste (8cl), with the special tasting glass we prepared just for you.

We have two options for that:
The IPA enthusiast: 10 IPAs of your choice, plus your tasting glass €18.
The Hop Head Madness: 21 IPAs (full list), plus your tasting glass €33.

Some bottles are limited, so they might not last for everyone. Any holder of the full package, will get an extra tasting shot, if one of the IPAs runs out. As usual our events are first come first served, so please be wise and buy your ticket in advance. Brewfellas will be open also for non-IPA festival participants.

In order to please not only your thirst, but also your hunger, Smokey Dee’s will be with us, serving their gourmet street food dishes.

So, buy your tickets in advance and get ready for a night full of IBUs.

Smokey Dee’s menu:
1.Pitmaster: smoked beef brisket and smokey dees sausage with pickles, coleslaw and an option of sauces.
2.Smoked tacos carnitas: smoked pulled pork in a soft tortilla with salsa and a spicy option of chillies.
3.Smokey Dee’s sausages: Our own recipe and handmade sausages with cheese, coleslaw and an option of sauces.
4.Portobello Mushrooms: marinated portobello mushrooms with cheese and coleslaw in a brioche bun
5.Corn on the Cob: marinated corn on the cob with lime a chilli.

More details on Brewfellas page on Facebook

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