Cyprus Homebrewers Association announced on their Facebook Page the 3rd annual Homebrewing Festival. It will take place in May 2016, more details coming soon.

The announcement:

“The preparations for our annual Homebrewing festival (3rd) are in full swing, and here are some fresh news. It will take place in May (soon we will announce the exact date), and for this year we have something new.

This is an open call to all Homebrewers of Cyprus, to join us and help us have an even bigger event. So, if any homebrewers are interested, please enlist by the 15th of March, and let us know what types of beers you intent on brewing for the festival. After that you will be part of our small organizing group. No participation will be accepted after the 15th of May, .

Also, as the festival grows, we need all the help we can get for better planing, running and dealing with all the logistics the day of the festival. That’s why we need 5 volunteers for this years festival, to help us out that day. For all volunteers, free festival t-shirts and karma points. It goes without saying that you can have all the beer you want, as long as you are sober enough to help at the end of the festival. So, if anyone is interested, please message us.

Let the brewing begin…”


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