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Photos Photiades Breweries was officially formed as a company in 1963 after the acquisition of the oldest brewery in Cyprus, the Leon Brewery that was established in 1937. In 1968 the Company was granted the license to produce Carlsberg beer in Cyprus, which made Cyprus the first country to produce Carlsberg outside Denmark.



Is the No1 selling Beer in Cyprus and one of the fastest growing beer brands worldwide. It is a premium quality lager, synonymous with international sports and music sponsorship that is popular with regular and occasional beer drinkers of all ages.

Since 1969, Carlsberg has been brewed and bottled locally in Cyprus by Photos Photiades Breweries Ltd – proud of the fact that it holds the first-ever brewing license awarded by Carlsberg International outside of Denmark.

The traditional, high quality brewing philosophies that have made Carlsberg Beer probably the best beer in the world are as important today as they were over 160 years ago, when Carl Jacobsen produced the first barrel in Copenhagen. To this day, its famous all malt recipe still comprises of simply malt, hops and water. The malt and hops are still sourced and selected from Denmark, to form the essence of the beer’s unique smooth and refreshing character.


is a top quality product that is brewed using the very high standards of raw material selection and processing as Carlsberg beer and conforms to the well known German purity law, the Reinheitsgebot. Three types of the highest quality malts are used for making LEON – barley, dark roasted barley and caramelized malts all blended according to the LEON recipe to provide a malty sweetness and  body to the final product.

Krauzer Bräu

Has all the fundamental characteristics of a great beer, offering a full, rich flavor that is both balanced and complex.Copper colored pour with a thick, off white head. Light aroma carries toasty malt to the nose. The toasty sweet malt continues through the flavor with the first sip. Hops are subdued but balanced the hop bitterness is firm. Spices don’t show up till the end. It finishes nicely with a good spicy whack from the hops then lingering malt sweetness.




Since it was founded in 1927, KEO has grown into the largest and most prestigious beverage supplier on the island of Cyprus with a thriving export trade to much of Europe, the US, Canada and the Middle East. KEO’s rise to the eminent position of a total beverage company is owed both to the high quality of KEO brands produced locally and the renowned imported products enriching its portfolio.


Early in the 50’s, on the 17th of May 1951, KEO plc launches its beer brand. A locally produced lager, that became Cyprus’ local beer ever since.  More than half a century later, KEO Beer is closely linked with the island where both locals and visitors declared it as the taste of Cyprus.
KEO Beer has been designed by Czech brew masters based on famous Czech traditional beer recipes well-adjusted to local climatic temperatures with great emphasis on strict hygiene during production. So much importance is given to total sanitation, that the beer needs no pasteurization.  KEO is the only beer produced on the island, which is bottled unpasteurised. This same recipe and brewing process is strictly followed to date, preserving KEO Beer’s utmost quality.

Pale Lager is the effort of KEO PLC to brew her 100 % own beer based on the same high standards with KEO beer. Unfortunately it failed to compete with her older and more popular sister and it stuck with the role of “second beer KEO beer ” regardless that it doesn’t lack neither quality not aroma and taste.


Prime MBlack


Is a family owned and run microbrewery in Sotira Famagusta and they simply love beer!! They are “Home brewers with full control of their product” according to Loizos.
It is one of the most modern and technologically advanced Microbreweries in Europe with the edge of technology equipment, full quality control of their product and 100% environmentally friendly.They produce 100% natural beer with absolutely no chemicals used during the whole process of brewing.



PRIME Golden Ale is made only with noble varieties of  hops and a delicious combination of supreme malts. Deeply refreshing and an absolute essential when you need to chill.
Golden Hue in color, with a tingling aromatic taste and a gargantuan head. A balanced and thirst quenching brew drinkable all year round but especially in the hot Cypriot months.  Aromatic, invigorating hops perfectly combined with a soft malt bouquet.


PRIME white beer is designed and manufactured to celebrate the beauty of the aroma, the taste and the quality of our local fresh ingredients. Freshly ground Cypriot coriander, orange zest from hand peeled Cypriot oranges together with fresh chamomile straight from the mountains are beautifully combined with our aromatic hops to please your senses and allow you to get a fresh taste of Cyprus with every sip. 100% NATURAL AND UNFILTERED. ALWAYS SERVE WITH AN ORANGE WEDGE.Very pale and cloudy in appearance due to its unfiltered nature and high level of wheat body. Beautiful aroma of orange, chamomile, clove, banana, lychee and spicy coriander.


PRIME Pale Ale comes from a revered medieval recipe and it’s made with the finest variety of British hops and unparalleled malts. Well balanced and hearty, a true Artisan brew to be enjoyed anytime.Deep golden color, with a thick creamy head. Beautiful hop aroma followed by a well rounded bitter taste and a persistent hoppy aftertaste. Hearty, delicious.


PRIME Amber Ale is made with a complex mix of nine supreme malts and three audacious varieties of American and British hops. Matured to perfection to satisfy the most demanding taste.Deep Amber in color, with a rich and complex multi-layered taste and a tight creamy head. A deeply balanced and pleasing malt character . Generous use of hops in the background and an everlasting aftertaste.


PRIME BLACK CAME TO SATISFY ISLANDS’ NEED OF A FRESHLY PRODUCED PROPER STOUT. USING THE BEST INGREDIENTS AND WITH A 100% NATURAL PROCEDURE YOU WILL ENJOY THIS BEER  Deep Dark color , with a thick creamy head.Mildly hoppy with strong aroma of chocolate and smoked caramel.


Aphrodites rock brewery


Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company is a small craft brewery nestled amongst the beautiful hills of Paphos on the west coast of Cyprus.Cyprus is a deeply historic island where modern travellers can retrace the footsteps of figures as diverse and interesting as Saint Paul, Alexander the Great and even Leonardo da Vinci.



A pure malt golden lager, delicately flavored with Cyprus wildflower honey giving distinct and pleasant floral flavors and aromas but still maintaining the crisp clean refreshing ‘lager’ style.


An English, medium-bodied, easy-drinking ‘session’ bitter which is brewed with carefully selected English malts and hops, including Yorkshire Maris Otter and Kentish Fuggles, to give this beer its smooth lightly toasted toffee and caramel character with a rich mixture of floral and spicy hop notes and a light, long-lasting and deeply pleasing bitter finish.


Irish Red Ale is an irresistible ancient Irish-style of ale which pours to a beautiful deep chestnut red color with a light creamy head.  It is a robust and easy-drinking ale which has a rich and clearly-defined malt and caramel character derived from our copious use of crystal malts to give just the right amount of malt sweetness.


Our London Porter is a faithful reproduction of the traditional 18thcentury English-style porters. A blend of malts and local carob extract weaves a ruby black coloured tapestry of rich chocolate and caramel flavours with an underlying hint of liquorice and spice.  Served chilled this beer is light and very pleasantly satisfying with a refreshingly cool finish.


Pouring to a brilliant chestnut color with a thick foamy off-white head this beer is rich and deeply satisfying with a mellow oak finish.  Our Extra Special Bitter, or ESB, provides the fine balance between soft caramel malty sweetness and traditionally earthy and spicy English hops.  ESB is justifiably the cornerstone of the British pub tradition.


In the 17th century a high alcohol and intensely hopped ale was brewed to quench the British Army’s thirst in India.  The strong malt base in our American-style India Pale Ale, or IPA, is dominated by our use of fragrant and citrusy Cascade hops making this IPA a rich, deeply satisfying and unforgettable hop-laden experience.  This is a big beer packing a punch you won’t forget.


*if some beers are missing it’s because some breweries didn’t gave us the information we had asked


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