An open call to all home-brewers and beer lovers.
For the first time we present you a home-brewing competition, in collaboration with The Beer Lab-Home-brewing Store, Cyprus Homebrewers Association, and Hula Hops Brewing. This event aims to promote this amazing hobby and find the best Home-brew recipe out there.

The actual competition will take place on the 21st of January (Saturday) 2017, and all interested home-brewers must submit their participation (free of charge) by the end of November. The beer style that all home-brewers must brew is an American Amber Ale, as it’s stated by the official BJCP guidelines-10B. (

We will have two committees that each one will give an award. First committee will be composed by beer experts (TBA soon) and the beer with the highest score will win a 100€ voucher from The Beer Lab. The second committee will be composed by all you beer geek-enthusiasts that want to participate and taste these beers. All you need to do is pay the 5€ participation fee and you will be able to taste and rate all the beers, giving to the best of your judgement the “People’s choice award”.

Two raffles will then take place and a lucky beer enthusiast will win a home-brewing started kit, and a second one will go home with a Hula Hops Cyprus Citrus IPA 6pack and t-shirt.

Start boiling your wort… and spread the word!

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