And what a wonderful night it was last night!! Congratulations to all home brewers, beer judges and of course, all you beer maniacs their participation.
The style was American Amber Ale, 8 home-brewers participate.

The top 3 beers, based on the official committee and the peoples choice committee are:

Official committee:

1st place beer #5 (George Botsaris)

2nd place beer #1 (Gaetan)

3rd place beer #6 (Beer Lab).

The winner is George Botsaris and he can collect his prize from The Beer Lab, at any time.

People’s choice award:

1st place beer #7 (Pires Giorkin)

2nd placeĀ beer #5 (Botsaris’beer)

3rd place is shared between beers #4 (Christodoulo’s beer) and #6 (Beer Lab’s beer).

Congratulations to everybody and especially to Brewfellas for the excellent organisation

Till the next time “Keep Brewing!!


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