During our recent visit to Munich Bavaria for the Oktoberfest 2014 we had the opportunity to visit Erdinger’s Brewery. Located  few kilometers outside Munich in the beautiful city of Erding (map).


Wheat beer tradition, a passion for brewing and strong local roots – these are the qualities that make ERDINGER Weißbräu so special. Over the past decades, the brewery has been shaped by a multitude of major – and minor – events. We’ve listed some of the brewery’s most important milestones below. We hope you enjoy browsing through 125 years of ERDINGER history!

1886 “Weisse Bräuhaus” is founded in Erding.

1925 The brewery is bought by the malt factory F.W. Otto.

1935 The Managing Director at the time, Franz Brombach, is offered the opportunity to buy the brewery. Annual wheat beer production at the time is around 3,500 hectoliters (hl).

1949 Franz Brombach names the brewery ERDINGER Weißbräu.

1965 The company is racing ahead: annual production rises to around 40,000 hl. The brewery’s current owner, Werner Brombach, joins the company. His declared intention is to gradually establish and successfully market a nationwide wheat beer brand.

1969 Wheat beer can now also be bought north of the “white sausage equator”! Werner Brombach is the first brewer to distribute his ERDINGER Weissbier outside the borders of Bavaria – first in Baden-Württemberg, then in North Rhine-Westphalia and then further to the north.

1972 Austria becomes ERDINGER’s first wheat beer export nation. Today, the mid-size private brewery exports its specialties to five continents.

1975 Following the death of his father, Werner Brombach takes over the family business. Two years later, output reaches around 225,000 hl and ERDINGER is market leader.

1990 ERDINGER passes the magic 1-million hectoliter mark for the first time!


The Cyprus Beer Maniacs team arrived at the plant area a little while before the tour began, which gave us the opportunity to visit the staff bar and have few warm-up beers and nibbles. From there we met our very friendly tour guide, at the Erdinger Fan Shop inside Erdinger’s plant facilities. At 10 o’clock the whole team gathered together at the brewery’s pub for a health & safety briefing, after which we watched a very short film about Erdinger’s history. Once we have been provided with our safety gear we headed to the brewery. After a brief tour in the fermentation room, we moved on to the production line. First the bottles are washed and inspected by hi-tech infrared computers then they move to the filling machine, they’re filled with the liquid gold, sealed with a cap and then cased, from there they go to the storage facility for few weeks, and then they start their long trip to your local pub, supermarket or restaurant.

And of course all decent brewery tours end in the factory’s pub so guests can enjoy all the types of beer produced..and we did..all of them…twice!!!


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