This top-fermented wheat beer with the snow-white head impresses with its crystal clear light yellow color, which is formed by filtering out the yeast after fermentation.

The tart, fresh scent increases the expected and already from the first sip makes a strong effervescent, invigorating Bead Game of carbonic impression.Crystal-clear is particularly sparkling and the liveliest among the Franziscaner’s Weiss beers.

The crystal clear wheat beer tastes dry and fruity and is accompanied by a mild tartness in the aftertaste. Like all Franziskaner wheat beers crystal clear is brewed with a high proportion of wheat malt and is the perfect companion for a refreshing break.

Style: German Kristallweizen
Brewery: Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu (InBev)
Country: Germany

Wheat and Barley Malt (2/3 Wheat Malt); Hops from Munich; Franziskaner top fermenting yeast strain; Water from own wells 200m deep.
Alcohol: 5 % vol.
Imported in Cyprus by: Savero Trading Ltd

Sponsored By Savero Trading


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