A JOKEY folk group has been threatened with legal action over their song The Beer Olympics.

Lawyers for the International Olympic Committee have demanded The Lancashire Hotpots either rename the song or stop using it – claiming it is a breach of trademark.


The band, of St Helens, Merseyside, told fans: “They tell us to cease and desist.
“It’s nice to see them finally catch up with a song we first released in 2008.

“So, not wishing to get into any massive legal trouble (we can’t pay for that and the ale) we have decided to re-title the song to see if that gets the legal bigwigs off our backs.”


The band took to Facebook to say they would be complying with the IOC as they couldn’t afford legal fees since they needed the money for ale

The song has now jokingly been renamed The Beer International Non-Profit Non-Governmental Sporting Quad Yearly Event.

Fans of the group, whose debut album Never Mind The Hotpots reached No2 in the BBC 6 Music charts, mocked the IOC.

Mike McGunigle said: “Tell ’em to bugger off.”
Jo Cunningham joked: “Olympic holidays are knackered.”

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