By Haris Stylianides*

LEON Beer is the first Beer ever brewed on the Island of Cyprus from Mr Christodoulos Platanis Brewery  for more than a decade it remained as the only local brew. In 1962, Mr Photos Photiades joined the company as a major shareholder and in subsequent years took over completely, buying out the initial shareholders. In 1967 an agreement was signed with Carlsberg for the production of the brand in Cyprus. This development led to the termination of LEON production in 1968, just a year before the brewing of Carlsberg begun.Around 40 years later, in June of 2003, Leon beer was re-launched, only to be brewed now in the premises of one of the most advanced breweries in the world. The beer is based on the same initial all malt recipe made just from barley malt, hops and yeast.

This year, 10 years after the re-launch Photos Photiades Breweries attempt to re-brand LEON with New Looks and Bottling  but with the same original taste and quality. We don’t really like the idea of the small green LIDL lookalike cheap beer looks because LEON is much much better beer.


– ABV 4,5%

– Golden Yellow Color

– Low on Gas

– Clear thin not long lasting White foam

– Smooth and Pleasant nose

– Refreshing light crisp palette with a short finish

– Dry

– Not Fresh aromas

Rating: 4/10

Sponsored by Photos Photiades

*Haris Stylianides is a Certified Sommelier, member of the master sommeliers.

He is currently in the third position of the Cyprus Sommelier Association

and a proud owner of O’Vrakas Taverna in Pissouri Village

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