Filtered and pasteurized Newcastle Brown Ale was first brewed in 1927 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, by Jim Porter after three years of development. Production moved from Newcastle to Gateshead at the end of 2004 and to Tadcaster on closure of the Dunston brewery in 2010.

Newcastle Brown Ale is perceived in the UK as a working man’s beer, with a long association with heavy industry, the traditional economic staple of the North East of England. In export markets it is seen as a trendy, premium import and is predominantly drunk by the young people. It was one of the first beers to be distributed in a clear glass bottle and it is most readily associated with this form of dispense in the UK, being very rarely seen on draught. Latest news say that they will change their original recipe to satisfy their US consumers. A company’s spokesperson confirmed: “We can confirm that we are in the process of changing our recipe for Newcastle Brown Ale – sold in both the UK and the USA – and it will no longer include caramel colouring. We probably taste a last of its kind based on the original recipe.

Imported in Cyprus by Savero Trading Ltd in the 550, 330ml bottles and 30L kegs

 Style: Brown Ale

Brewery: Heineken UK

Country: UK


Water, Malted Barley, Glucose syrup, wheat, caramel, hops, carbon dioxide

Alcohol: 4.7 % vol.

Imported in Cyprus by: Savero Trading Ltd

Sponsored By Savero Trading

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