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Photos Photiades Breweries Ltd is one of the two major brewing companies on the island, operating a state of the art brewery that could well be rated among the most technologically advanced by international standards. The company is today proud to have been the first ever to produce (under license) Carlsberg outside Denmark and a frequently awarded Carlsberg brewery worldwide.

The company was officially formed in 1963 and some years later it took over the business of M. Ch. Platanis & Co Ltd who owned the oldest brewery inCyprus, the Leon Brewery that was established in 1937. In 1968 the Company was granted the license to produce Carlsberg beer in Cyprus and at the same time the Leon beer production line was terminated, only to be re-launched four decades later with an even greater success.

In the past 40 years, the Company has produced Carlsberg beer with great success turning it into the leading beer in Cyprus, with a market share that has grown to more than 50%. Together with Leon beer, Photiades Breweries commands today nearly 60% of the local beer market. Photos Photiades Breweries prides itself on its dedication to quality an attribute rewarded initially in 1997 when it was granted the top ranking of license breweries in the Carlsberg quality index. This success was repeated again in the two consecutive years of 2005 and 2006, an acknowledgment to the company’s dedication in producing quality Carlsberg beer, greatly accredited to the high levels of production monitoring that surpass many Carlsberg breweries around the world.

Being the oldest and one of the most successful Carlsberg breweries worldwide were major factors in granting Photos Photiades Breweries the right to brew and market Carlsberg beer in Greece. Since 1998, beer production for both the Cypriot and Greek markets takes place in the brewery of the company inNicosia. Renovation works for the new, state of the art factory were completed in the year 2000 and helped to raise the brewing annual capacity to 30 million liters.

Photos Photiades Breweries Ltd forms part of the Photiades Group of companies, one of the biggest organizations on the island, which includes beverages production and distribution, real estate business, financial services and the Photiades Foundation, a Charity, Scientific and Cultural Institution.

Group Companies involved in the beverages industries

  • Photos Photiades Distributors Ltd was established in 1995 and focuses in selling, marketing and distributing quality beverage international brands in Cyprus
  • Blue Sky Ltd was formed in 1988 and produces the Natural Mineral Water Agros, the Natural Table Water Vitalia and the Carbonated Spring Water Blu. A state of the art water producing plant is situated in the village of Agros in the Troodos Mountainsadjacent to the natural spring
  • Kyperounta Winery operates since 2004, following a takeover of a small regional winery at the village of Kyperounta. It is a boutique winery with an eclectic portfolio of wines providing a visitor’s centre. Its vineyards pride themselves as being the highest in altitude within Europe

Total quality management system

The management of Photos Photiades Group is dedicated at developing a culture of quality excellence within Photos Photiades Breweries Limited, Photos Photiades Distributors Limited, Blue Sky (Table Water) Limited, and Kyperounta Winery Limited. The ultimate aim is to produce, store, distribute and deliver quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic products which fully satisfy customers’ needs and expectations.

To this effect, the Group has developed an integrated management system, which addresses issues on Quality, Food Safety, Environmental Management, and Health and Safety at the workplace. The Group has implemented a Quality Management System which satisfies,

  • the standard CYS EN ISO 9001:2000,
  • the standard EN CYS ISO22000:2005
  • the Food Safety system HACCP
  • the Environmental Management System CYS EN ISO14001:2004

Waste water is transferred to a nearby biological plant, treated to a second level and pumped to nearby fields where local farmers use it for irrigation purposes. Photiades breweries is also a member of the network which is responsible for the collection and recycling of empty aluminium tins.

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