For the next few weeks our “Beer Of The Week” will be sponsored by Savero Trading Ltd.
Savero was established by Savvas & Eros Antoniades in 1986 the third generation of the Erotokritos L. Antoniades family which have been wine and spirit merchants since 1924.

The overall company mission is to maintain the position of the leading beer and beverages and technical specialists across all sector and channels in the Cyprus market.

Savero mainly imports premium beers from all over the world and is the main distributor for more than 40 companies worldwide.

They visit more than 3.000 customers per week with around 60 employees and no wholesalers. Yearly turnover is around €10.000.000.

Savero Trading Ltd is divided into various divisions:

Packaged beers

Their portfolio of alcoholic packaged beers includes

Savero packaged beers


British Bases Duty Free Supplier

They are the exclusive suppliers for all beers and other beverages since 1986 for the British Bases Duty Free Market as they only have:

Savero BitB Dutyfree


Savero Ciders

Alcoholic Beverages / Fabs / Wines

Savero Alc Bev Fabs Wines


Draught Beers

The draught business is separated specializing in different UK, Irish, Belgian, German and Czech draught beers.

(New established Brewservice company dealing with all operations of Draught Business)

Savero Draught Beers

Non Alcoholic Beverages

Savero non alc beverages

Accessories and Draught Equipment

Diamond Dispensers, Brewservice, Blue Gas, Vetro Due.

Theme Pubs

Influence existing pub owners in decorating outlets with Savero / brewers expertise (decoration companies: Regal Hawk Interiors)






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