With Holidays so close we have created a list with the Top 5 gifts a Beer Maniac would love to receive, so if you have a friend or relative who loves beer check the list below, we guarantee that he/she will like all of them. Happy holidays shopping.

1. A Deluxe Starter Kid

A great gift for the Beer Maniacs in your life, If your Beer Maniac has a deep commitment and wants to further his knowledge of beer brewing, buy him a home-brew kit. Imagine your Beer Maniac’s face as he opens his nicely wrapped Christmas gift to find a home-brew kit. With so many flavors to make, your Beer Maniac will enjoy making his own beer. Who knows, he may become a local brew master.

Price: 90.00 Euros



2. Beer Books

Your Beer Maniac may not be a reader but he will enjoy a funny, engaging beer book as he drinks his beer. You have plenty of options to choose from.

Price: 10.00-20.00 Euros



3. Beer Gift Boxes

Similar to those lame gift boxes you send family members and old friends, but way cooler. These themed gift boxes come with the best gifts possible – beer & snacks. They have something for everyone from the MicroBrew Box all the way to the Over The Hill Box, along with several holiday and seasonal beer gift boxes as well.

Price 7.00-10.00 Euros

Kwak Gift Box-500x500

 4. Beer T-shirts

The easiest gift you can do. All Beer Maniacs love to show their passion for beer with any way possible and what is better than a funny beer t-shirt.

Beer Maniacs Love T-Shirts

Price: 10.00-30.00 Euros



 5. Beer Accessories 

Everybody loves  Posters, Flags, Signposts, Trays, Freebies especially if they have Beer Maniacs favorite Beer Brand printed… They will LOVE IT!!!

Price: 1.00-50.00 Euros




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